Why I do what I do

From idea to reality.

Ideas are driving me towards my goals in life. Ideas can be big, but ideas do not have to be big to be good. In reality, small ideas grows with the right support and can become of great importance in your life.

The web store universe is growing constantly. New opportunities usually means improved solutions for your ideas. I aim to stay ahead of these new oppotunities and to build up solutions that will fulfill your needs in an efficient way.

For many years I have had the privilege to work in this universe, I have grown expertice with some of the bigger web store platforms, such as Magento and Prestashop. I deeply beleive in social marketing and do for that particular reason, have a strong focus on integrating social platforms with web stores and web sites.

Design is also of great importance for me, sometimes design can delay the progress towards reality, but a perfect balance is needed for success. My minimalistic way of thinking together with my experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver supports my way around this

I admid that not all great ideas are developed in my own mind, therefore I am offering my support to make your ideas a reality...


Stig P
DICO Copenhagen
Mikkel Rude
The Market Agency

Contact Info

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